Arabic typographic poster

So I've been looking into Arabic typographic designs and trying to practise designing with Arabic.. I found work by the Khatt Foundation (led by Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares) and Pascal Zoghbi of 29LT very interesting. I'm staying away from the more traditional calligraphic styles and exploring more contemporary styles with a focus on bilingual design.

I'm starting simple with this one, but I can see how it can start to look even more dynamic when varying the scale and incorporating imagery. I also found it interesting how this font's ع is cut off the way it is..


Daily UI Challenge

I'm a bit late to this, but I've just discovered Daily UI. The whole idea behind it is to become a better designer in 100 days with daily challenges to improve your skills. You sign up and they send you a task each day to complete, except for weekends. You can also post your work up on dribbble or twitter, tag it as #dailyui and others can give you feedback on your work. It's a nice idea.

I've just gotten the first one, the task was to design a sign up page, they kind of left it open, whether you want to design a form, app screen, etc. I believe this sets the format of briefs, short, open and basically just a prompt for you to get started. With that, the tendency is to keep everything simple, which is quite freeing as a designer, as often you're limited by what the client says must be included, legal stuff, terms and conditions, etc.

Here's my attempt at Task 01: