Aki-To Hotel


The brief was to create branding for a luxury hotel in Helsinki, Finland, owned by two, young Finnish creatives. The branding should reflect the what the company offers; simplicity, style and coolness. I took the abstract shapes of A and T and reduced them to a chevron shape for the identity.


Type Factory


Branding for a typographic museum. The Type Factory identity is about seeing type differently and is based on the theme of deconstruction. The logo is formed with deconstructed letterforms. Deconstructing it further, one can find a hidden phrase within the logo, Type Fact. Aptly, the museum’s purpose is to educate people about type. The theme of deconstruction relates to making typography more abstract, looking into form and detail. People are more likely to be able to appreciate art and architecture, but not necessarily type. By making it more abstract, it garners a second thought.


Arren Marketing


The brief was to create branding for Arren Marketing, a digital marketing agency that has been created by two people recently employed by Google - Rehan Iqbal and Nikki Bruce. Arren is the phonetic spelling of the first letters of the directors’ names (R and N). They specialise in website design and development, content marketing and creation, social media marketing, graphic design and brand consultancy. They wanted an identity that reflected them as an innovative, contemporary digital marketing agency and a tone of voice that was friendly and approachable yet professional.


Illustrations for the brand


The Burger Bros

Branding for a burger establishment


Arabic type experiments

Experiments with Arabic type


Bilingual design

Past works and ongoing experiments with bilingual - Arabic + English design


Arabic font - Mouajanat WIP

This was a result of a 6-week Arabic Type Design Workshop in Beirut, Lebanon with Kristyan Sarkis and Lara Captan.


Arabic font #01 WIP

My first and very modest attempt at an Arabic font. This was done without previous knowledge of how to design Arabic fonts or the software to do so, but was more of an experiment to see what I could do.


Arabic font #02 WIP

Another modest attempt at an Arabic font. Again, this was done without previous knowledge of how to design Arabic fonts or the software to do so and was more of an experiment.


Al-Faarouq Honey

Branding and packaging for a honey brand targeted towards Muslims who consume Habbatus Sauda (Black Cumin) for its health benefits. An Arabic version of the logo was created in addition to the English one, but it was decided that the English version would suffice as the majority of the target audience would be English-speaking.


Initial ideas for routes

Initial Arabic type experiments



Nesaa is an accessories company based in Amman, Jordan. I worked on the packaging, printed materials, photography and their website.


Photography by me:


Various illustrations that I've done