Marmalade making

I made marmalade for the first time this year. I wanted to make it last year, but missed the Seville season. This year, armed with a copy of Salt Sugar Smoke, a bunch of Seville oranges, blood oranges and grapefruit, I finally made my first batch of marmalade. I struggled a fair bit trying to get it to set properly, I think I might not have scraped off enough pectin from the muslin bag. Strangely enough, it seems to be fairly set in my flat, but when I bring it in to the office, it starts to melt. Probably because it is considerably warmer in the office kitchen.

Regardless, it seems to be quite popular, with the jars lasting only a day or 2 when I remember to bring them in. And amazingly, it seems to convert marmalade haters too. So if you want try possibly the best marmalade in the world, check out this recipe by Nick Selby of Melrose & Morgan.