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Peach chiffon cake

Oh my god. This cake. I can’t even begin to.. It’s so good, I could have eaten the whole thing myself. But I didn’t. I had one tiny slice and then put it in a cake tin to give to someone, so I did good there.

I got the cake recipe from here and modified the filling. Instead of buttercream, I filled it with whipped cream mixed with peach puree and then I topped off each layer with thin slices of fresh peaches. I also made it into a three layer cake, as my layers were quite short and I wanted more height.


  1. Thank you for trying out the recipe and the link.
    Love your version with whipped cream.
    Fresh peaches are so expensive here!

  2. Wow, your cake looks absolutely amazing. I love your substitution of whipped cream and peach puree for the filling. It sounds absolutely delectable.

    • huda

      Thank you so much. Yes, I prefer whipped cream over buttercream almost all of the time. I find it much lighter and I don’t get sick of eating it so easily, compared to buttercream, which is probably not a good thing actually! :)

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