My love for food photography

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So at the institute that I’m studying at, sometimes our final project is to create a video which shows your speaking ability. This is my Level 1 video for Classical Arabic. I’ll admit I made quite a few mistakes in … Continue reading

The move to Amman

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So this has been a long time coming. So much has happened since my last post in May 2013. I went to a Ace Camp video-making workshop with Tiger in a Jar in Asheville, NC (which I should really write … Continue reading

Marmalade making

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I made marmalade for the first time this year. I wanted to make it last year, but missed the Seville season. This year, armed with a copy of Salt Sugar Smoke, a bunch of Seville oranges, blood oranges and grapefruit, … Continue reading

Citrus salad

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Found this sitting in my drafts folder, so I thought I might as well post it. Continuing with my obsession with pomegranates, here’s a citrus salad, with grapefruit, clementine, honey, pistachios, greek yoghurt and of course, pomegranate seeds. Recipe is … Continue reading

Dinner with friends

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I recently bought this book, The Lebanese Kitchen by Salma Hage. I’d been browsing through it at Waterstones a while back and one recipe caught my eye immediately. The photo in the book was just beautiful. Vibrant, red pomegranate seeds … Continue reading

Going home

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Every once in a while, I feel the need to go home. Back to Singapore. For my family and for myself as well. Even though, lately, I’ve been feeling pretty happy and settled with my life in London and I … Continue reading

Christmas Baking

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I’ve always wanted to do a baking video. And I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas video. Last year, I left it too late. This year, I managed to get started on this in early December, but being ill and … Continue reading

Bowls & bowls of porridge

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Oh man, I do have a lot of catching up to do on this blog. Things have been a bit busy at work these last couple of months and I’ve been slightly more active in posting my photos to Facebook … Continue reading

My current top tunes (Dec 2012)

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I’m alternating between upbeat and really harrowing music at the moment. First up, Otis Redding’s (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction. I prefer this version to the original by The Rolling Stones. And I’m loving also anything by Steve Reich. For … Continue reading

Fall into autumn

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Recently, I bought this book, Eat, Memory: Great Writers at the Table. It was a used book I got off Amazon. I didn’t expect to find a note inside of it, from someone named Phil to the previous owner. It … Continue reading